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Midlife CrisisRev. Dontellnobody presents his enlightening sermon:
"Midlife Crisis"
Petite FlowerRico and Nico present a real life example of a Craigslist ad:
"Petite Flower"
Beat your kidsRico and Nico tell us a personal childhood story:
"Beat Your Kids"
Beat your kidsNico gets his fortune told and doesn't like the cards:
"Fortune Teller"
Beat your kidsRico watches the LFL - Lingerie Football League:
"Lingerie Football League"

Beat your kids"Real Estate Lady
Gets Punk'd

Beat your kidsNico gets his swine flu vaccination and lives to tell about it:
"H1N1 Shot"

Beat your kids"Rules for Carry-on luggage"

Beat your kidsThe single man's guide to preparing a turkey:
"Turkey Preparation Hints"


The Rico and Nico Show

Rico and NicoThe Rico and Nico Show... America's newest and hottest talk radio program and can be heard on Saturday afternoons from 3-4 PM (Hawaii Standard Time) on KWAI 1080 AM live in Honolulu, Hawaii and neighboring islands. Listen to the show live on the internet by simply clicking here, or the "Live Show" button at the top of the page. Rico and Nico are two middleaged American Males bantering about the struggles and ironies of everyday life.

Rico living in sunny Phoenix, Arizona and Nico right here in Honolulu are simulcasted right into your living room, car or office and welcome you to become part of the live conversation by calling: 808-524-1080 in Hawaii on Saturdays at 3PM HST with your call in comments. Rico and Nico speak your language and tell it like it is... the good, the bad and the ugly. You will either love them or love to hate them but either way you'll have an interesting and gut busting time. Whether you are seeking ideas for a new business (Gun rental), ways to please the wife (rent-a-husband) or where to find the best happy hour in all of Hawaii or Phoenix... all you need to do is "Stay Tuned and be Thrilled".

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